Tom Faris, General Manager of Mailings Direct, has a sure-fire way of keeping
current with postal rules and regulations governing direct mail
advertising: He forms key relationships with the Postal executives
that make and execute them.

Tom became associated with the fledgling Phoenix chapter of the national
Postal Customer Council during its development in the early 1980s.
The PCC is the industry trade group that keeps all professional direct mail
users up-to-date on regulations and is dedicated to helping postal users
find the right resources to reduce costs and enhance their mailing
experiences. Tom has served for the past four years as Industry Chairman
of the Metropolitan Phoenix chapter.

Tom says among the advantages he and his company gain from his
association with the council is that it enables him to form close personal
as well as business relationships with the officials who oversee the Postal
Service in Arizona along with high officials in Washington, DC.. This
he believes keeps his company on the cutting edge of postal products
and regulations. "I know and have relationships with many top Postal
Executives in Arizona, The Western Region and Washington, D.C,,
" Tom says. .These business relationships enabled him and his group
to persuade Postmaster General Jack Potter to come to Phoenix
and be the keynote speaker at the PCC Arizona Business Expo in 2004.

Tom says his involvement with The Phoenix Postal Customer Council
and his relationships with local postal officials helps him ensure that
his customers mailings go out on time, in compliance with Postal regulations
and most importantly at the best rates possible.

To Tom Faris "who you know" is an important adjunct to "what you know"
in the mailing business.

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